Repeated rejection. What do I do?

Ok here I go with a massive piece of writing.
I had my first crush when I was in year 8 last year. As usual I got rejected. I had multiple crushes all the way to this year in which I had an insane crush on this Hungarian guy who was really nice and everything. Later a whole bunch of Japanese exchange students came to our school and one of them, older than him by 1 year became his girlfriend. I was heartbroken and when my friends told him that he said nonchalantly "Yeah I know".

He knew since the beginning of year 9 when I was a really close friend of his. Later after that he became really cold. I don't know what to do.

I show signs when I like a guy very obviously but I've always ended up being rejected and told that I'm just not pretty enough. I get that a lot cos I'm short, skinny and flat chested. I'm also a bit of a tomboy. I honestly know that I'm not a horrible person and that my studies are always A grade.

Question is: Why haven't I ever been asked out? And why is it that everytime I show signs or ask a guy out I get rejected?
Repeated rejection. What do I do?
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