Shall I give the good guy a chance? Is there something wrong with me?

I am someone who always gets attracted to wrong people and end up getting hurt. I have been screwed over many times and thats why I find it really hard to trust guys. Because I know this quality of me I decided to give a good guy who liked me a chance. He is really sweet, a gentleman, claims to really like me and we spend time together quite often and I really have fun/ enjoy his company. But the problem is because I am usually the one who chases the guy, in a way I dont really know how to handle being chased. Because I would go out my way to impress someone I liked before I feel like he should do a lot more and change his priorities as he goes clubbing a lot and drinks 2 3 times a week which is smt I dont like. He seems too casual to me even tho he claims that he wants a relationship and I just find it hard to be really into him as I only am attracted to him time to time. I am not really into his looks as well but I try to see over it and focus on his personality. He also told me that he thinks I am extraordinary but then he acts like he doesn't care. Is there smt wrong me, do I have too many expectations? I just feel like he should be the one making an effort to impress me as we are only at the beginning and its not the time to be casual. We started having many arguments because of this and decided to not continue this hostile thing and start fresh. So shall I break it off completely with this guy or just give him a chance and try to trust him?
Shall I give the good guy a chance? Is there something wrong with me?
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