He said we should hang out, but we've hardly talked since?

About a week or two ago this guy that I have been crushing on for the past two years said that we should hangout sometime. Go to get coffee or something. I was thrilled to say the least :) but now we've hardly talked since. We don't talk that often anyway but I was hoping start talking more since he wanted to hangout. How can I increase the talking? Should I bring up hanging out the next time we do talk? School is ending in the next two weeks so time is running out. We don't live too far away so really we could hangout over the summer but I'd like to hangout now. HELP PLEASE!


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  • he has some interest as he wanted to hangout. so next time bring it up- "hey! so when were we getting coffee"? or "you still owe me coffee!"

    i think in his mind he put it out there to hang out and he's just waiting to see if you are interested enough to follow up on his offer.


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