Would I be classified as attractive to guys?

I'm always positive about every situation, and I'm described as optimistic. I love humour and having a good time! I speak my mind and if i have something to say, I will say it. I have a passion for creativity; I love reading, writing and art. I also like some sports such as football and running. In school I would always get high grades, I put so much effort into everything that I do and get called a geek all the time because I like having me head in a book hehe. I play the guitar and I can speak a lot of Spanish although I come from an English/Irish background. I like deep intellectual conversations and I agree with other people's opinions. I always want to be there for my friends and family and I hate to see anybody upset. I'm very stubborn, I like to do my own thing without anybody telling me what to do. I think I worry too much about trivial things and other people. I laugh and talk in my sleep so I probably need to get that sorted out somehow oops. I can be awkward with people that I find intimidating, and I usually come across as shy in that way. When you get to know me I'm not, but I'm not one of those people that are in other's faces:D I'm really clumsy like seriously I have a million bruises on my legs. I can be very insecure with myself but I don't like to burden others with my troubles so most of the time I like to not talk about that.
I'm a tall girl! I have long, wavy dark brown hair and eyes that appear dark brown in low light but are actually a mix of browns and a tiny bit of green. My cheeks are chubby and rosy, I have full lips and some freckles. I'm of slim build. A slightly brief description but oh well! :)
doggies are cute and bread is greatttttt
Would I be classified as attractive to guys?
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