Why is this girl really outgoing around everyone but me?

There is this girl that I asked out, and she shut me down, but she is really outgoing around everyone except me. At first I thought she was doing it because she liked me, but she shut me down so now I'm confused as to why she still does it even if she doesn't like me.

Exhibit 1: She will occasionally text some mutual friends (guys or girls) and ask them to hang out, but she never does that for me. When I invite her to hang out, however, she always says yes.

Exhibit 2: I was walking with my buddy last week and I saw her and I walked up and said hi. She knows my buddy a little, although not that well. She said hi to me, and then looked at my friend and was like "Hey ____ how have you been recently?".

Exhibit 3: When we are in a group she will occasionally talk to me but usually she only talks to me when I approach her. If I do approach her, though, she will talk to me for half the night, if I don't though she will go approach other people and talk to them.

It's so strange, she seems so willing to hang out with me and talk with me, but acts so weird around me.

The other thing is that she turned me down so I don't think she likes me, I really have no idea what the deal is. For the record she did this even before I asked her out, she's always done it to me, and my buddies thought it was because she liked me... apparently not.
Why is this girl really outgoing around everyone but me?
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