Should I give my guy best friend a try?

I've been best friends with my guy best friend since we were in 6th grade, were 25 now and last year he recently just told me he's had feelings for me. We have such an open, funny yet sarcastic relationship. The problem is that I've liked him since 6th grade, all through high school, we even messed around in high school but he always dated other girls and pretty much made it clear that he wasn't into me. So I eventually moved on. It wasn't until he left to college that things changed. He is my go to guy when I've gotten/get heart broken, when I need someone to cheer me up, when I need anything he's there. Its the same for him, he's talked about girls he's messed around with, his problems, and even called me when he was feelings really home sick. Now that he's going for his masters he's made it clear that he wants to give us a try. He doesn't beg me, but he's very persistent. I've made it clear that Im scared, and he told me that he isn't because he feels like I'm the one for him. I have a great relationship with his family and I've always treated his little sister like she was my little sister. Im not sure what to do. Im scared of taking a chance and loosing him as a friend if we don't work out, but a part of me has always had feelings for him. Is it worth me "loosing" our friendship?
Should I give my guy best friend a try?
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