Do men ever truly want an average girl?

Crazy, I've never even dated and I already have trust issues. You see I'm reading all this stuff online and seeing all these men in real life and I'm starting to lose hope.

It just seems like men who don't value looks as much don't exist. I'm definitely not ugly, I'm average but there's so many more good looking women that a guy would never choose me over any of them.

Besides, even if guys were to choose me than it would be because they're settling, simply because they couldn't find anyone better. But you see I don't want him to settle, I want him to truly want me and I want to be together for a long time. I really want to build with this person.

Now I'm not insecure if that's what you think. I'm totally fine with who I am and as a single person I feel confident but when it comes to relationships the other person obviously has to like you and considering I'm not too wow looks wise I just wonder if there are men out there who value personality more and think a decent looking person is good enough for them. Just basically guys who don't care for having a hot girl and not because they think they can't get her. Just because they don't have looks as a priority.
Do men ever truly want an average girl?
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