I Feel unhappy?

Me and my girlfriend have been with each other for 2 months now and I really really love her (haven't told her that yet!). However, she is going away to Australia for 4 months and coming back in July (Im convinced she's not going to cheat). I tried to test her out by saying I'm doing a masters in Canada during that time so we might not see each other (I'm in UK). Here's me expecting her to feel a little disheartened and saying "Please don't go! How will I see you?". Instead, she encourages me to do it! LOL!! She goes "And you should take decisions according to what you desire not according to the people around you." Don't get me wrong I think it's healthy to test your partner in crime out every once in a while but this is the time where I am starting to ask question us. If she was my girlfriend she wouldn't encourage me to do that.. I wasexpecting a different reaction altogether. Someone why that was her reaction and what advice would you give because I love her and I'm worried she doesn't feel the same.
I Feel unhappy?
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