Contradictory Behaviour?



I am really confused about my friends behaviour. As background it might be worth mentioning a year ago we did meet up as more than friends, but she called it off and said she was not ready for a relationship and did not think she ever wanted one again.

A lot of people keep asking us if we are a couple, and she insistently tells them we are not (as do I). What is confusing me is when we are alone for example she can be quite cuddly. We recently went away for the weekend together and had a twin room to save money, but she got into my bed (and was leaning so close her breasts were touching my arm!) when I was looking through the photos on my camera to look with me. Now when I thought about this I realised this is odd, and none of my other female friends would even consider doing that and instead would ask me to pass the camera to them in their bed to look! It was also uncomfortable because I was getting ahem excited, and felt embarassed because we are supposed to be just friends.

So why is she behaving like this and at the same time insisting we are just friends? I am reluctant to make any move on her, because we did agree we were just friends and am worried she might freak out and think I only stayed friends for one reason (I didn't - I thought we got on well, so why not have her as a friend and try and meet someone else for a romantic relationship) if this is all innocent - which it might be. The second night she was lying on my bed close to me complaining about the fact everyone thinks we are a couple, when we are just friends. Again I thought with any of my other femaile friends, they just would not get into my space like that. But on the other hand we get on very well, and I am still atracted to her, so would go for it if she wanted to. I'm just really confused about the disparity between what she says and her behaviour. In any other situaiton the behaviour in the bed would have been an obvious come on to me.

Contradictory Behaviour?
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