How to react over a certain girl liking your new boyfriends Facebook statuses?

I've recently got into a relationship with this guy, we've been seeing each other a few months now and he is amazing in every way. We just had a conversation about how many people we've slept w/ and about his previous marriage, which is fine with me. But he told me about a girl he slept with following his divorce (he was cheated on) who was the only girl besides me & how it didn't work out because she was convinced it was a rebound thing (when he says that's not the case) and differences in where they were going in life. He continued saying that she seems to contact him when things aren't working out with her boyfriend but he ignores her anymore or is really short with her and from the way it sounds, she has been salty about him not going for her. I've noticed she still seems to be active on his fb, liking his stuff frequently (like statuses that I'm tagged in w/ him & friends). We went on a date recently to a museum & we took pictures together and had a blast so I shared one on fb & tagged him and she liked it even though I'm not friends with her. Now I'm all worried he really does talk to her more than he leads on, or I just find it weird that she would like it while seemingly holding some interest in him. How should I cope with this in a healthy way? I think I just need to feel better about this situation lol, I feel like I have old insecurities creeping up as things are going well. Almost like I'm worried the rug will be pulled from under me, help a girl out! lol😇
How to react over a certain girl liking your new boyfriends Facebook statuses?
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