Is there a chance she could like me?

There's a very beautiful women I know from one of my courses and today we met up to study to study for a semester exam after I messaged the whole class and she was one of the few to respond. She seemed very eager to study judging by the amount of unnecessary emojis in her texts. So we met up today and we studied for about 2 hours before we called it quits. Something she did though was whenever I wasn't speaking too much she'd give me one of those playful nudges questioning why I wasn't talking that much. I doubt it makes any difference but she even messed around with my hat to get my attention.

You may be thinking god man you are one desperate SOB and you'd be correct. When your last girlfriend was freshman year of high school and your in your freshman year of college, you start to think there are hints or clues that were never there in the first place.

Back to what I was saying. So once we ended our study session we walked to the end of the block before we had to go separate ways because I parked away from her. We said goodbye and she gave me a hug and said goodbye. Usually I'm the one to initiate a hug but she did this time instead of me and this is a women I only really met 2 hours ago. Also if it counts for anything I wanted to study at our school library but she insisted at a local coffee shop (which was actually really cool).

Do y'all think there's a chance because I'm telling you she's really fine.
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Is there a chance she could like me?
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