What are the signs a guy won't commit to you anytime soon?

What are the signs a guy won't commit to you anytime soon? Is it a bad sign if the guy you are seeing only communicates with you by texting you everyday and only calling you when you have plans for a date etc.?


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  • hey.

    no..it doesn't mean that he is not commited to you in ur relation. he might be busy with other stuffs. you should ask him by yourself that why has he been really busy. If you have any problems then you should discuss with him but don't talk to him in a way that he would thought that you are not giving him space. Just talk to him in a casual way so that he can feel comfortable to answer you and don't say anything stupid that you don't trust him. Yeah some guys usually be jerk but not all.

    take care


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  • I think it depends on lots of other things too; if he is only texting you at night (like after 7 or 8, but especially around 10 or 11) then it could mean that you are just a booty call. If you guys email or see each other a fair bit then I don't really see much problem with texting.

    What is he like when you are with him? Have you met his friends? Family? How long have you been seeing each other?

    These are all things that point to commitment rather than simply texting.

    • I've met all his friends, but not his family. But yeah he seemslike a great guy when I am with him..