Guys I need your help!!

So here is a convo between me and this guy. I was confused by his last statement and really want to know what he meant!

Me: hey. random but if you ever feel like hanging out. getting coffee or something. just let me know :)

(bout half hour later cause fb wouldn't let me log on to chat)

Me: not sure if you tried to comp is being dumb. internet not working real well lol but I'm waiting on an answer ha

Guy: hahahah id like that

Me:well if you'd like to before school gets out we'd have to within the next two weeks

Guy: Yeah trying to fuci

Me: fuci?

Guy: f***

OK so I've been able to take this many different ways. guys what do you think he meant? I think I'm done talking to him but what do you think?

he was the one to originally bring up hanging out sometime and going to the local coffee shop. I was just trying to make definite plans lol


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  • He's probably intoxicated, joking or mentally challenged. Possibly all three.

    Either that or someone else is posting for him.

    You say that he original brought up hanging out and going to the local coffee shop, so if he's at all serious, HE should make the definite plans.

    If I were you, I would just not bring this up again until he makes a move. If he follows through, then you can go ahead and meet him in person and find out more what he's like IRL. No use worrying about these things until then.

    However, if he totally flakes on the "coffee date", then he probably wasn't worth your time in the first place.


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  • I think you're wasting your time with him if you don't already know him.

    Granted it could be a problem of communication (i.e. the internet really does suck) or he's just not much of a charmer.

    Either way if you're not currently friends (or at least acquaintances) IN PERSON--key point there--then you should just assume he's not worth your sweet time, kiddo.



    • I go to school with him. we don't really know each other. we say hi when we see each other and we talk occasionally online but that's about the extent of our relationship. so really were more acquaintances

    • I say you talk to him in person, if you want a real answer.

      It's too easy to hide your true intentions and whatnot online.

      Let me know if you want clarification on anything--more than happy to help ;D


  • damn dudes got balls pretty sure he was joking... at least I hoope for his sake


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  • WTF, uhh I guess the only way you will ever know is too ask..

    • That was basically my reaction. still is lol but he logged off before I could gather my thoughts and ask what he meant

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