What the hell happened between this guy and me?

Long story short, he pursued me and I started having feelings for him. We talked everyday, snapchatted, facebook chatted, on the phone for 3 weeks. Have mutual friends and play video games together online just us two and now with his friends that I'm friends with. We hooked up. Still talked after but not as much. Slowly died down. Had a brief chat with him to make sure we're cool and still friends, agreed that we both didn't want anything serious right now because he got out of a 5-6 years relationship and I recently got out of a 1.5 years relationship. Slowly talked less and less, hung out less. Thought everything was fine after the chat. Now we don't even talk anymore, he never initiates a message to me. Doesn't snap me or look at my story. I messaged him about seeing him at a club we were both at. No reply back.

Seriously what the hell, why do guys do this...

+1 y
I still want to be friends with him and talk and hangout once in a while...
What the hell happened between this guy and me?
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