Does he like me or am I just another girl?

My friend hooked me up with one of her friends and we all went to a bar together. The guy was really nice and friendly. We got to know each other a bit and we have a lot in common. We exchanged numbers and we have been texting a lot, he subtly complimented me such as saying i looked great at the bar, and he doesn't know how a girl like me is still single and what not. He asked me today at school if I wanted to meet up with him after class and hang out for a bit and talk, I did and it was going really well! We plan to hang out Friday, well actually he called it a date! So we are going to his house to watch movies! But while we were talking he was telling me how his parents will be eyeing me a bit since I'm an unknown girl. He said he usually has girls over at his house because most of his friends are girls. And he told me 99% of the time he's not sleeping with the girls that come over to hang out at his house. I found that a bit odd but didn't act weird about it or anything and accepted it.
Then while we were talking this girl comes up to us and says hi to him. It's one of his friends from high school. I said hi back and was polite but they ended up talking for about what seemed like an hour or more and I was just sitting there awkwardly not saying much because it was hard for me to add into the conversation since they were talking about their mutual friends from high school.. he even offered for her to sit down with us (even though he texted me to hang out) but she said no because she has class soon. Eventually he said okay well I gotta get to class now and the girl left and he offered to walk me to the bus. He apologized about what happened. But I don't know what to think about all of this it just feels weird to me.

Can any of you help me out? Give your opinion or advice on this? It would be really appreciated, thank you :)
Does he like me or am I just another girl?
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