I still am not over my ex and he is in his "lost" phase, is there anything I can do?

So I asked a question about if men go through "lost" phases in life. Found out this isn't a rare thing for guys but here's the thing, my ex broke up with me about 8 months ago (2.5 year relationship) because he felt like he didn't know what he wanted in life and all those other reason's why men go through this phase. About two months ago we attempted to hang out(which just lead to sex with an ex, repeatedly). We agreed to stay friends and still see and talk to one another but, I still love him. He isn't dating anyone else and I can't help but wonder is there anything I can do to help him get out of this phase? OR is this something he will have to go through solo?

And to those guys that have gone through this stage, do I still have a chance?


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  • I'm going through this phase myself. My ex-girlfriend has also admitted that she is not over me and that she really wants to get back together and that she's still in love with me.

    This has only really caused more stress and things to think about for me.

    I'd recommend being there for him and making it known that you're there, but don't press the subject too much. Maybe let him know that you would be interested in restarting your relationship with him, if that's what he wants, but don't push him into that, just suggest it then leave it be. If he wants to get back together then he'll suggest it too.

    As for helping him through it, you might be able to help him by giving him advice and being there for him, but mostly I think it's something guys have to work out on their own.

  • Mid-life crisis?

    • Question with a question for an answer?

    • Is there something wrong with that? :D

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