Girls, I don't know when I could really jump in or what would happen?

So, there's this girl that I've been demonstrating an interest in for a while. We went to a university dance together, had breakfast, dinner, and seen a movie, spattered with some semi-regular texting in between. Now, after the movie, I really just confessed my feelings to her and finally found out where we stand on the subject of "could we date?" As it turns out, she'd actually started seeing someone. She said that if it were a different time and different circumstances, she would dated me (confession: I've wondered about this enough times that I can't remember if she said she'd be "down to dating me" or "would not be opposed to dating me"--that said, she said she's not even sure if she's really suited for dating). Anywho, since then, we've maintained our friendship and I'm fine with that since I don't see why I we should be distant when we clearly at least enjoy each other's company. She said she's not sure how it'll turn out with the guy that she's seeing and I'm kinda clinging to that "different circumstances and time," but I'm not really allowing myself to cling to that hope too desperately or expecting anything, just sort of letting everything take its course. But say maybe the guy she's seeing doesn't really work. We don't really talk about it, so could I expect her to be making the first move if that happens? Should I be the one to take initiative?
How would you see this whole situation if you were in my or her position?

Note: she's the quiet, energetic type. Comfortable with silence, but not necessarily soft-spoken and somewhat easily excitable. Observant and sharp, gentle but also honest

But yeah... I'll cross that bridge if I get to it--for all I know, I'll never get to it--but I'd at least like to know how to cross that bridge
Girls, I don't know when I could really jump in or what would happen?
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