My best friend hurt me so bad, and now I am afraid to date?

My best friend seemed to leave me out in the cold this past fall. We were inseparable over summer, but things got a little too close with us and we ended up having sex. I was in love with him, and we shouldn't have done it. He moved away, and told me he couldn't do a distance relationship. I thought we could still keep the friendship, and we did for a while. We talked everyday and I flew out to visit him. We slept together again. After I left, things got weird. He was distancing himself. Then, I found out through Facebook that he got a new girlfriend. He didn't tell me, and now he won't talk to me. I told him I was hurt he didn't tell me, but that I was happy for him. I didn't get a response. It's been a month. I think about him everyday. I'm afraid to start talking to other people. I find flaws in everyone else, and it always goes back to him. I'm scared to get close to someone, and I am just constantly feeling that nobody will make me feel like he did again. It was perfect, the best friend that turned into something more. I should be mad at him, but I miss him so much. I'd love to be friends again. Please help me.
My best friend hurt me so bad, and now I am afraid to date?
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