What should I do or is she playing games?

I met this girl at work 1time she said she was hungryI said im going to jack after work nshe says bring me some jk. i said lets go after work n she agres We starded talking n 4 the first weeks she would not talk to me as much on her of days Saturday n Sunday but after the third week we text everiday and half of the time she stars the convo by saying Hi or soemtime goodmorning. I mean why cnt she say Goodmorning? I been sweet to her i would take her food to work n she says she feels love and soemtimes i take her home and i always ask her for hugs n out of nowhere when i took her home she says aren't you going to ask for a hug. isaid yes and ibhug her We text goodmorning and goodnigjt sweetdreams. on her birthday she said she wantedto go to the movies and to eat n we went just me n her n she says omg ihad a great time with u nshe send the emoij with the kissing lips she always does at night. So this past wenesday we were texting and i ask her if she would like to go bowling on Friday, she said yes so as usual we text n onthrusday we starded texting n she went into work at 1:30pm i sent her a message at 1 why didn't she replyshe dosent drive. that nigjt of Thursday i took her home n her friend who is a girl because she was going to spend the night, she dint text me 4 a goodnig. Friday i was waiting for her to text me n she dint. I dint text her because im 1 of those person that if i sent the last message and u haven't respond then we won't text until u text me But if she really care wouldn't she have text me? Anyways later that dayat 2pm when iwas going to work and she knows , she texted me saying no Goodmorning or anything and Itexted her saying Goodafternoon to the most beauitful girl in the world. she reply by saying u dint even text me in the morning and we kept on texting at 9pm i send her a cute message nshe replyby. saying ur so sweet goondight sweetdreams the next day on Saturday morning i send her a message saying Goodmorning beautiful and so far no answer
What should I do or is she playing games?
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