Once an you're " just an option," you'll never be anything else?

If a guy just considers you an option among several women he may like, will you never be considered seriously? We're taught to keep giving guys chance after chance to grow on us, but it seems that men must be stricken head-over-heels immediately to ever take you seriously. (Think He's Just Not That Into You, etc). Is that true?


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  • No, sorry, if a guy does not have strong feelings for you and is not actively pursuing you, though he has the opportunity to, I would not wait around for him to do so. Not that he might not later think you are someone he would ask out, but, really, the best boyfriends are the guys who thought you were a treasure the first time they met you.

    • So, then, do you think guys value your relationship potential mostly by how you look?

    • I think guys start off deciding to pursue you based on their physical attraction to you but it may not be strictly your looks that attracts them. Some guys are more careful even with that, to also look for deal breakers like your attitude and personality, but honestly I have seen a certain amount of guys who ignore warning signs just because of their physical attraction to someone.

  • i know that some girls are taught to give guys chance after chance but I don't think that's good advice. I think women can learn a few things from men as far as dating. if you notice they usually think about what makes THEM happy and look at a girl like HOW CAN SHE FIT INTO MY LIFE? as opposed to wanting to please someone even if they aren't getting much in return. like be an alpha female

    it depends how you handle yourself as an option. if the guy considers you as an option among several women, but you're treating him like he is a priority, then he won't take you as seriously. if the guy thinks of you as an option, think of him as one. don't settle down and take HIM seriously until he gets rid of the other women and proves himself to you