Should I ask my brothers friend on a date?


I really need opinions as I am confused by this guy. He has been friends with my brother since they met in college. They are both 16 years older than me so it wasn't until my 20s that I really started spending time with my brother and his best friend.
I really like this guy and have done for the last few years.
He seems to like me too but never makes a move to be more than friends. He phones or texts me everyday to see how I am, whenever we are out he spends all his time with me. My friends have even commented he changes when I'm around that he was making a few crude jokes and then stopped when I got there.
Then last week I was having an awful week at work and on Saturday flowers arrived at my house he said he'd got them to cheer me up.

I'm worried if I am reading the signals wrong it would be awkward between us and also for my brother. My friends keep telling me to go for it as he does like me but I don't know if he is just being friendly to his best friend sister?

Should I ask my brothers friend on a date?
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