How to accept that I'm not good enough?

My crush is beautiful, stunning.

Hits the gym everyday, outdoorsy, goes on hikes, walks, adventures, that kind of person. Goes out everyday, is a foodie, typical Instagram girl.

She is a super positive person, has a degree and has her life in order. Good parents, good friends. I think she is dating a really nice guy.

I am happy for her, but I notice the type of girls I crush on are like this. They are way better than me, have their lifes together and I will never be a good partner for them.

I'm stuck in a dysfunctional family, I'm an introvert, I hate my career, I never went to school and am just stuck paying family bills and taking care of my mom. I am overweight now, I can lose weight but I stop caring and gain it back.

I don't know what to do, how to accept that I'll never be with a girl like that? I'm just not that good of a catch.

Ironically, it feels like when I lower my standards either these girls have major attention problems and or feel insecure around me. They won't date me either or flake out.

How to accept that I'm not good enough?
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