Does my ex miss me?

I reconnected with an ex earlier this year, in which we had a pretty intense fling where I went to visit him in his college town, which is on the other side of the country to me. However, he told me thought if we tried to be together now it would be messier later on and we tried to remain friends but we didn't know where this was going and had a huge fight because he would pretend not to know me around his friends because he didn't want his friends to know he was seeing his ex and we stopped talking. Over the summer, he would watch all my snapstories, and I tried reaching out but would get ignored. I downloaded a tracker on my personal Tumblr to see what audience I was attracting, and it picked up the fact he was looking at it at least 10 times a day. I tried to reach out again and was ignored. Eventually I saw him at a party with my friends, and he hung around me the whole time and listened in to my conversation with friends, which even my friends noted was a bit. I then confronted him about the Tumblr stalking (which was ongoing) and he admitted it was him and it had just become a habit and he would stop. He did stop, but I yelled at him for being a dick and ignoring me this whole time and that I was done making excuses for him. He 'saw' the messages but didn't respond. I deleted him on FB for my own sake, but I still have him on Snapchat. It's been a couple of months since we spoke/I yelled at him, and he still 'watches' all of my Snapstories everyday, despite never having responded. Is he still thinking of me?
Does my ex miss me?
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