Feeling Empty and Sad... Can't move on?

I can't move on it's been two years...

I met this girl at work, I fell in love with her, and was really shy. I tried to ask her indirectly to go out for dinner but she said maybe.

I was hurt, I really liked her but then she started talking to me and invited me to her play.

I went, excited thinking maybe she did like me but my heart was shattered when I saw her boyfriend.

So I stopped talking to her, but we were botg on and off.

I had enough, and I feel this was so stupid but I asked her if she liked me... she said only as friends and didn't mean to mislead me...

I got over her, until I found out she got dumped... We started being friends again but I could tell she needed some space and waited for her...

She wasn't really talking to me, so I asked if I could talk to her about something... she got really nervous, said no and made things worse.

So we just small talk and ignore the awkwardness that's what she wants...

I found out she is dating a new guy now, and saw a picture of them hugging... That made me cry.

I'm happy for her, But I feel so empty after everything... I can't fix anything, I can't say anything, I can't do anything...

I just love her, and I don't understand... I'm just crying now.
Feeling Empty and Sad... Can't move on?
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