What was your first kiss like?

Last night I got my first kiss. It was incredibly weird, goofy, messy, awkward, arousing, sloppy, but overall very enjoyable. I was walking with a guy friend of mine in the rain and all of a sudden we stopped and he leaned in and tried to kiss me. So because I'm so inexperienced and awkward I kinda ended up pulling away from him and freezing up. I really did want to kiss him but I just was too scared. So he tried again and again and again but he always got the same results everytime. So he tried once again but I got so nervous that I stuck my tongue out and he ended up sucking on my tongue. To be honest it felt really really really good in a weird kind of way. So he told me "If you keep acting weird then I'm gonna act weird too." So he tried to kiss me again but I just started laughing and I accidentally laughed straight into his mouth. So then he started laughing and joking about how I laughed in his mouth so he did it back. So then we started arguing about who was weirder so he grabbed me by my waist and my butt, and pulled me in close, and then licked the tip of my nose. So I threatened to lick his eyeball, but then he licked my eye first. So I licked him on his cheek and then on the tip of his nose. So we kinda just went back and forth kissing, and licking each other until he started getting a little too handsy. First he tried to push my hair back so he could suck on my neck and then his hands started working their way between my thighs. I had to stop the weird kissing/licking session before things went to far and before he left a mark on me. So he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then we went our separate ways.
What was your first kiss like?
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