What is he thinking?

A few months ago I began dating this guy. In the beginning he was cancelling plans to see me, introducing me to all his friends and constantly there. At one point I had to actually tell him I needed it to slow down because it was a lot very quickly. We continued to see each other. His work started picking up-he went from working 12 hours a day to 14 hours a day (he's an attorney) and I saw him less frequently. After he cancelled plans with me twice due to work I made a comment about it (nothing rude, just called him out on this change of behavior) and later apologized. We continued talking until I decided I was done with the lack of consistency and stopped reaching out. He contacted me after a couple of days and I told him where I was at mentally with everything-needing constancy but nothing too serious. He said he wanted to continue seeing me but understood if I wasn't at the same place as him-now being inconsistent. We decided to be friends. I texted him about a week later while out with friends drinking. He got flirty and said he wanted to see me. Then he began asking the same question in different ways. I called him out on it and stopped talking to him completely. I even removed him from my social media-he did not do the same. Lately he's been liking all of my Instagram posts, which he wasn't doing when he started being inconsistent. Obviously I would still like to see him. Should I take his constant presence on my social media as him reaching out and text him or no?
What is he thinking?
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