What does he mean by 'conflicted' ?

This boy and I went to homecoming together just last week and we both had really fun, he said it himself he had a good time. I asked him because it was Sadie Hawkins (Girls ask guys). The night of he had a big family event because the next day was his sisters Bat-Mitzvah but he moved things around and convinced his parents to let him go. So he picked me up night of and it was fun. Afterwards he came over to my house and we just talked for a while til he had to leave to meet curfew. That night he tried making a move on me (like kissing me) but I was so nervous that I didn’t let him but he didn’t know that because I was really discreet about that. Just two days ago I was so fed up with jumping through hoops with every guy I like I decided to just text him and tell him I like him. He responded hours later, after school and after his basketball game saying that He couldn’t tell I liked him which doesn’t surprise me I am not the type to make it super obvious. So I told him to just tell me how he feels and tht even if it’s a no I can take it as long as it’s the truth. “It’s not that I don’t like you I’m just trying to figure out how I feel. I’m sorry I’m just really conflicted.” So I said “There’s no need to be sorry, I’m just curious and if you don’t know then you don’t know. But in the case you do know and it’s anything to do with not being mean than don’t hold back.” and he didn’t respond. But when I saw him today he gave me the same smile he normally does. What does this mean? What should I do?

What does he mean by 'conflicted' ?
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