How to get acquainted with the hearing girl?

My name's Andrey, I cann't hear with hearing loss and wear 2 hearing aid (hard of hearing). Well I hear and I can talk and voice communicate. I'm a white man and brown hair

Will or not, to get acquainted with the hearing girl for friendship, love and sex. A marriage and married don't know, maybe can be obtained or not.
Friends, familiars, communication and relationships normally as friends or familiars. Good and ordinary people normal, and the bad and stupid is no, and the others (almost or so-so) in different ways and as wants to be friends or not.
Why are those who hear the girls and different people don't respect and don't get acquainted with the deaf. Why? I don't understand. What do think hearing people about those the deaf and hard of hearing.

Hearing girls in the profession "interpreter, teachers and other". May want or not want to fall in love or deny differently. The most important to learn and work and help is necessary and important. And in life in different (friends, familiars, love, sex, marriage, family, and what else). If he wants to meet you, everything will be fine and good, but if you don't want and don't respect or denied "allright and as you want" almost or so-so in different ways and how it happened.

I like pretty, cute, funny, talkative, sociable, attractive, sexy, and others. Any girls and different persons (Races of world: White, Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, Latinos, Brazilians and others)

Blacks and darks guys like and want to meet with a sweet white hot girls.
White and Asian girls also want to enjoy and get to know hot blacks or dark guys. Same thing, just all people are different. And now I'm deaf or hard of hearing, I also want to meet with the hearing hot, pretty and sexy girls

Deafs and deafmutes almost the same, but it's very difficult to communicate, and hard of hearing normal, but differently ways and different life

Tell me answer. Get or not. How to get acquainted with the hearing girl. To make it easier to meet and communicate
You can get acquainted
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No matter the hearing, will succeed
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I don't like and dont' want to meet
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I don't care
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How to get acquainted with the hearing girl?
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