How would you feel, what would you do?

Girl asked to get together with me, and I said yes. Had plans to meet later in the day, and that we'd hang out then get dinner. She said she was going to pick up her sister, then head over. Asked when she was coming, but later, I see her post a picture of snapchat of her having a little early dinner (1hr and half before we meet). 10 min after posting she said she was still out with her sister, and if we could go tomorrow. I said sure (1 flake, ok, and it sort of checked out).

Next day comes around, and we already planned a time for her and I to get together, where to go etc. She then texts me saying she had to "babysit" and that she couldn't meet up with me today, because she wouldn't get home from babysitting till later in the night. I said fine, but made no offer to reschedule. Then, she again posts on social media, but this time, she's out with a group of friends downtown. I have known her for a while, and she blatantly lied and flaked twice in a row. Should I just totally drop her out of my life now? Why reach out to get together then do this?
How would you feel, what would you do?
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