Going to college and part-time job. Unattractive?

Okay, I just moved back to my home town because I wanted to be closer to my family and to start school again. Dead end job and no prospects drove me from the old town. I've been going to school and working part time, and have been on a few dates; of course, some work out for a bit, and some don't. There have been two girls where we really hit it off, and date for a couple months, but they've all ended because of, more or less, the same reason: independence.

The first girl basically said that she's worried about me and money because I don't have a degree yet and I'm 24. She then went on to hint that I wasn't going anywhere in life. I told her thats why I'm changing my life upside down to fix that. This one hurt because she just said I wasn't good enough for her.
The second woman just said that she wanted someone completely independent and living on their own. Now this one I can sort of understand wanting this, but what confuses me is that she herself has three roommates, and is not totally independent. Within the first couple weeks of being with her, she has said that she doesn't care about money; she just wants to see you have ambition and that you care for her (Facebook post but still).

What I want to know is that would this be a problem for most girls; part time working while in college. Im not oblivious to hard work. I have worked 55+ hrs for the past 3 years in a manual labor intensive job. I was hurt badly there, and that got me thinking that my body isn't invincible.
Going to college and part-time job. Unattractive?
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