I try to be a gentlemen but woman still don't like me?

Hey so here it goes, im 24 years old and so far I have never experienced the love of woman. I open doors for them, close doors, pull their chair for them, stand up and wish when they enter the room but after doing all of this they turn around and start laughing at me :'(. Im the kind of guy who would rather talk, cuddle and make a connection with a girl rather than trying to get her in bed, due to which I'm considered a looser and the ones that consider me a looser are the women themselves. I have a major crush on this one girl and so I asked her out on a date and she said yes. Im a musician and I asked her to come for one of my gigs. I bought her flowers and I wrote a song specially for her, but she never turned up. Sometime later I see her with another guy and this guy is big, buff, rich and really rude and that really broke my heart. I don't have a lot of money to offer nor a fancy vehicle, but I am willing to give her my all but its just not working out for me. Am I meeting the wrong kind of women? or should I just change and try to behave a little more modern because I guess I am a little old fashioned. Even as a musician I aspire artists such as Angus young and jerry lewis, so I'm jumping and running about on stage like crazy but that's a turn off apparently because I'm not behaving like a proper rockstar. No matter what I'm unimpressive to the women. I don't know what to do because I see so many people madly in love and I want the same. I really don't know why its not happening with me.
I try to be a gentlemen but woman still don't like me?
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