"Nice" as a compliment?

Personally, being called nice is easily the compliment that I get the most, especially when someone has been trying to comfort me. And while it was kinda nice to hear at first, I don't really take it as a compliment anymore. That's mainly because I know that that's not gonna help much when it comes to dating and I'd much rather be called funny or interesting or handsome (I'd even prefer something like "nice shirt"), something that would be much more useful when it comes to dating. Compliments are always appreciated because of the intention behind them, but I would rather have a different trait come to mind when someone thinks of me.

So for the guys, do you like getting called nice as a compliment? How would it compare to other potential compliments?

And for the girls, if you call a guy nice, are you saying that because you genuinely mean to compliment the person, or are you just being polite?
"Nice" as a compliment?
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