Is there no future for me and him?

Me and my boyfriend have been together 3 months and he's said he definitely doesn't want kids but I think I do. He's also changed his mind about us moving in together next year BUT he's still saying he loves me and he's treating me as normal.
We went away last weekend (it was our first trip abroad) and we ended up having an uncomfortable conversation where he admitted he wasn't happy with his life.
I asked if he was happy with our relationship and he said "Well I sometimes think we don't have much in common, you want kids in the future but I don't think I ever want kids. I don't see us moving in together anytime soon anymore but I'm happy to help you financially so you can move out of home. I worry that we haven't argued much over the few months we've been together. Sometimes our age gap worries me (he's 28, I'm 21) ".
I then asked if he needed space and he said maybe, I don't know. After that, on our way home he said something like you've got nothing to worry about and was really nice to me as normal. He did get annoyed with me that night because I snored, so left the room and slept on the sofa... he then woke up in the middle of the night, came and carried me back to bed and cuddled me all night.
Since then he's been normal & lovely and I haven't really brought up the conversation again. We've made lots of Christmas plans and New Years plans.
A part of me has been worried about whether he really wants to be with me but he treats me well and I can see he's trying to make this work and I really love being with him...
What do you think? Should I be more concerned about the things he's said? Does he sound like he doesn't see a future with me?
Is there no future for me and him?
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