Boyfriend disgusts/annoys/pisses me off constantly. What to do?

Everything my boyfriend does lately annoys the hell out of me. And I don't find him attractive anymore. Even thinking about him makes me roll my eyes or cringe. Everything that was kind of cute before now freaks me out/annoys me. Ex. He's obsessed with wolves and dogs so he acts like one. Barks when he hiccups, scratches his head like a dog, calls himself ____ of the _____ wolf pack. It's fucking creepy. Even he's vioce annoys me. He acts like this higher pitched voice is his and he sounds like a child. And he knows what annoys me (I hate certain noises) and he does them repeatedly. Every fucking day. So I told him he was annoying me and then he muttered under his breath (pretending I couldn't hear him) "I want to stab myself" "I want to die" I think trying to manipulate me into feeling sympathetic. Yesterday I told him that I was constantly annoyed and his dog thing freaked me out. I didn't even have to say what annoyed me, he already knew and he said he'd change both. The entire time his face was enotionless. When we said goodbye yesterday he practically force hugged me and in his annoying fucking child voice (which I forgot to tell him pisses me off) goes "bye Honey! (Which I hate being called. I'm not fucking 70) have a good day!" I can't stand him!! Any of it! But I really don't want to break up with him because I know he gets obsessive and I don't know what he'd do to himself. I'd hate if he did anything to himself.
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So I'm now seriously considering breaking up with him. I've never had to break up with someone before (especially not someone who's most likely unstable) How do I go about it in a nice way?
Boyfriend disgusts/annoys/pisses me off constantly. What to do?
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