Does he just want to sleep with me?

(I'm 17, He turned 20 this week) This would be my first romantic experience ever and he knows that. We worked together for a month, and we would hang out with our other coworkers and flirted a lot. He lives in another city so he left but we still kept in touch. I liked him, and I told him so two weeks after not really expecting anything. We kept talking like usual (exchanged topless (bra on) pics once) and after a couple weeks he told me in the sweetest way that he liked me back and when he came back in December we would go out. We started to use pet names, video chat (just talking), good morning texts, etc) for four months. I argued with him once because he flirted with someone else on social media but he said it meant nothing and that "cleared up" a little bit for me that nothing long term, serious was going to happen. However we continued talking.
He is now in my city (will be for 2 months). We went out yesterday to the movies, (I arrived 30 minutes late :/) we talked a bit and as soon as we took our seats he cuddled me in and kissed me. It was my first kiss and that boy sucked the life out of me and I tried my best. Every 15 minutes he would kiss me (sometimes pecks on the lips, on the forehead, slow kissing, neck or aggressive make out (grabbing, biting and squeezing (he even let me a hickey)) The place was almost empty and I didn't let him go further. After the movie was over we talked for over an hour (more kisses) and I left.
-his mom and best friend called him and he said he was with his girlfriend.
-He said I love you but I didn't say anything back
-apparently my mom called him and they got along and he still continued pursuing me.
-would he think less of me?
-I'm leaving for a trip on Wednesday and I won't see him until second week of January.
-Should I ask him out sometime this week or wait for him to reach out?
-He has dated a fair amount of girls before.

Does he just want to sleep with me?
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