How can I make this relationship work with my boyfriend being the way that he is?

The other day I posted a question on here about why I feel the way that I do. Well, I confronted my boyfriend and asked him what was going on and if he's done with me and all he said was, "I'm just chilling." We talked a little bit after that and I haven't heard from him since early yesterday morning. I feel like he's pulling away from me again. I know when he's in the mood he's more talkative especially if we have phone sex. Then after awhile it fades and we're right back to square one. These last few weeks we've talked about things that I never thought that he wanted with me. I know he's busy and I don't want to constantly annoy him with all of these questions that I want to ask, but I just don't understand why he is doing this.

I'm trying to give him some space and let him come to me when he wants to talk. What annoys me is that he'll post stuff on Facebook, but not text me. When I text him I always feel I'm bothering him. I asked him when would be a good time to text him? and he tells me around 2 am when he gets off work. Right now we both work and get off at the same time, but next week my hours will go back to normal and I'll get off at 11 pm. I know he sleeps the majority of the morning, but sometimes he'll wake up and text me. Normally when he wakes up early he's always in the mood and he wants to hit me up, I know he's extremely attracted to me, but I wish that he wasn't always talking about sex. I love this man A LOT! I enjoy our conversations about marriage and children. I really want this relationship to work. How can I make this work with him being this way?
How can I make this relationship work with my boyfriend being the way that he is?
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