Inviting a girl to go out when I've not seen her for a while?

Yo, thanks for reading, for answering, for caring in advance.
I'm a 19 years old french boy, currently studying general stuff in a course that doesn't let me much time to live. This situation, plus the fact that I'm a hardcore gamer, probably didn't help me in my love life, so I've actually never had a girlfriend. I'm ok with that personnally, I can stay positive, yet sometimes this little voice in my head tells me how much of a loser I am, and moreover the idea to lie to my friends about that gets me uneasy more often than not. These days, even though they are the ones when I have to study most, I'm thinking more and more about finally throw myself into dating even though I have absolutely 0 experience in that matter (I never could build up the courage to ask a girl out). This is not something that people generally assume, because I'm neither shy (I can talk to a large group quite easily, but when it comes to talking to a pretty girl, I become very awkward) nor ugly : I don't want to sound like the classic "wtf I'm handsome but girls won't date me", or arrogant, but I, and other people, really think I actually am good-looking, I think I'm like a 7.5/10.
Now you know a little bit more about who I am, I guess it's time to tell you about the actual question I'm asking here :
This happened to me before, but last time it did I asked the girl out on fb but she was already taken. Actually, I'm like "thinking again" about a girl I've not seen in a while (I hadn't seen that girl on fb for 6 months or so) and I'm slowly becoming interested in her. I've not seen the one I'm talking about for like 4 months, and even though we were in the same class for 3 years, we never were thaaat close.
But I know where she lives, and I'm not sure she's taken. I think she might like guys like me, both physically and personnality-wise. So I'm thinking about going to her a place someday to ask her out to the movies, or to the skating rink or whatever she may like.
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Too long message, this is the end :
Do you think it could work? I've never been that close to her but I always was a bit interested in her. She knows about my cruel lack of experience with girls, but I think she sees me as a nice and clever guy. I'm wondering if doing such a thing could look creepy or ridiculous or whatever? Thanks again mates ;)
Inviting a girl to go out when I've not seen her for a while?
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