Cheating and friends?

So to start the details out my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 1 yr and three months. Previously, I had cheated on him with a guy but later told him. Recently, the guy had apologized for everything that had happened and so have I. And me, having no friends to sit with at lunch because everyone considers me a whore, sat with him. I fell asleep with my head in his lap because I was extremely tired from not sleeping the night before because I was worried about my boyfriend. I waited about 24 hrs to tell my boyfriend who I ate lunch with to see if this was going to become an everyday thing because I didn't want to worry him. He proceeded to get upset with me and I understood why which was I should've told him right away. Soon after, a bunch of people started spreading a rumor that he and I kissed and made out at the lockers. I told my boyfriend what was going on but as I called him these girls that had been talking about me came up to me and called me a whore and a slut. My boyfriend has been telling me this whole time to stay away from him when in reality the guy is the only person who has been telling everyone to back off until yesterday when he told the girls to leave me alone. For the past few days he's been arguing with me to pretty much leave the guy high and dry when he's the only person that can sit there and say we never did anything. So my question to you is should I listen to my boyfriend or should I continue defending the guy that's had my back throughout all of this
Cheating and friends?
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