Does he like me, or just friends?

I approached him, and added him on social media. However, he carries out conversation, and seems to enjoy talking to me. Talked to me all day in fact. At College (he doesn't like when people move), he wanted me to sit next to him, but I didn't want to in fear of the teacher being upset. He also invited me to hangout with friends at the dorm, and watch some movies before class (he was actually watching movies, not like Netflix and chill lol). On top of that, he complimented me, saying I looked really nice, and that I don't even need makeup, walked with me to and from class, opened the doors from me, and even sent morning texts. However, he hasn't officially asked me out, and its been like 2/3 days.

We have a lot in common, but I call him dude a lot and Im wondering if that makes me sound like I don't like him, but see him as a friend. Could it be he's just waiting for the right time, maybe waiting to ask me out in person on Monday, because he said he couldn't wait to see me. Or wanting to get to know me better? Or shy? Does he even like me?
Does he like me, or just friends?
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