Pulling away a good tactic?

I've been talking to this girl for a couple of months, we went out once and she said she wants to go out again but we haven't really decided on anything yet. I suggested a couple of times a second date but she said she was busy, which I know for a fact was true. I see her almost every day as we work in the same building and because of our different schedules we've only been out once. I was thinking whether it would be a good move for me to stop texting her, because we were texting pretty much every day as the conversation hasn't really stopped. I haven't texted her for a couple of days now to see if she's gonna text me. The reason why I'm doing this is because so far I'm the one who's always initiated conversations etc. She did say that she's shy but also that she feels very comfortable talking to me and sharing things with me. I just want to know if she'll initiate anything for once. If a girl really likes someone, she'll always make an excuse and find a reason to talk to them or to see them, right? If she does nothing, I'll know where she stands at least. Any thoughts?
Pulling away a good tactic?
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