What should I do?

so i have been talking to this guy non stop. we get each other, etc. he asked me out and i said yes. it was wonderful we kissed. continued talking and he asked me out again. i said yes and the day before the scheduled date we were texting up a storm per usual, then i asked if we were still on for tomorrow, no response, so i waited like 6hrs and still nothing. so today was the date day and i text him good morning and he said hey cutie. explained that he had a bunch of school work and finals to do. i said cool and left him alone for a couple hours until i needed to know the time and stuff. he then said that he had to cancel tonight because of all the finals and stuff. i haven't responded back because im not sure if he is over me, blew me off, or if there is another girl in the picture. he hasn't even text me an apology or even came of as sorry. what do i do? guys should i text him or let him text me?
What should I do?
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