Does my circle of friends lower my chances of meeting guys?

I've been single for over a year now, my last relationship being 3 years. Ever since it seems impossible to meet new guys and date. I'm a very social person but somehow my outing don't lead to any new interactions. My group of friends are mostly girls and most of them have bfs. Sometimes their bfs might bring their friends with them but it's always the same people and I'm really not attracted to them, nor do we share the same beliefs. Also, some of the other friends I have, although they are very good friends, when we go out prefer to stay in isolated areas, even at bars, making it impossible to strike a conversation with potentially interesting people around us. I've tried telling them that I'm up up for meeting other people and they just don't understand. I know I can't possibly wander around alone and introduce myself to people. I've joined clubs before and went to dance lessons but most of the guys there were either gay or taken. It's just damn frustrating because I want to meet people so badly, yet I'm cursed with bad luck. I'm not unattractive, if that's what you're wondering. I get attention but from all the wrong men. Is it my fault, is it the damn universe's fault, is it my social circles fault I can't seem to meet any guys I'm interested in?

Does my circle of friends lower my chances of meeting guys?
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