Would a guy and a girl get together even if they were quite the opposite?

my crush belongs to the cool ones and has cool friends.
i don't belong to the outsiders but also not to the cool kids. i'm in between - just like my friends.
he is adventurous, his hobby is motocrossing.
i come across as shy (but with friends i'm very crazy) so i probably don't seem to be adventurous but I also love adventures, I just don't do many. i don't have a motorbike or anything like a skateboard, a bmx or stuff. my hobby is ice skating and i like to read.
the thing that makes me doubt that a guy like him would fall in love with a girl like me is this one: he gets invited to a lot of parties (these kinda parties where you get drunk, shisha and sometimes even toke) and is experienced in things like alcohol etc. he shishas in his free time with his friends and i've heard that he even tried weed once.
and there's me. i've never got invited to parties like that before because people know that I don't drink much alcohol and don't shisha or smoke weed. honestly, i would like to try out all these things but not on parties where everyone would watch me excitingly and be like "OMG YOU DRINK BEER?"
no thanks. and that's why i've never got invited to go to discos or stuff because even my bestie believes that I wouldn't want to go.
but the truth is: i just don't want to get now. yet. because i some kinda don't feel like partying yet.
so tell me... do guys mind if girls aren't as experienced and popular and "outgoing" as them? would a guy like this ever be interested in a girl like me? in a shy girl that prefers spending her Friday with her friends watching movies or simply reading alone in her room?
Would a guy and a girl get together even if they were quite the opposite?
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