Guys, I'm confused! Is he interested or NOT interested?

*Please keep in mind that me and this guy can only text because of hearing issues.*

I went on a date just this past Thursday night. It was a blind date, he and I met on a online dating website. He drove 1.45 hours to meet me. We had dinner and then went to the local mall. I think we had a good time. So we walk back to our cars and we both said it was great meeting each other and I don't know if he was feeling awkward too but he gave me a quick side hug goodnight. Normally, I do NOT text the guy first after a date. I let him make that move. BUT I remembered that I needed to thank him for driving all that way and for my dinner. So I sent him a text thanking him as well as that I hoped that he had a safe trip home. He texted back about 2 hours later when he got home and said "It was great to finally see you. I enjoyed talking to you and having you around. Thanks for being so cute." And I replied back that I enjoyed being around him as well and liked his happy personality. The next day, Friday, he texted me: "I hope you have a good day!" and on Saturday "How is your Saturday pretty lady?" and I responded. So while he has made contact since our date, that has been ALL I've gotten from him since we met. I decided today to text him first and I told him that I hope he has a blessed day. He responded back about 2 hours later: "Thank you. I wish the same for you." He does have a very busy job as a store manager--10 hour days, but I don't really know if he's interested or not. It's hard to tell. I know if a guy is NOT interested, they will not call or text but maybe he is just being nice? How can I get him to reveal his real feelings without coming across as eager or insecure? I know that we both can see other people but I don't really know if he's interested in getting to know each other or not. I'd MUCH RATHER a guy NOT make any contact with me if they are NOT interested. Should I give it time? Is there a GOOD way to find out?
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Will someone else please give their input?
Guys, I'm confused! Is he interested or NOT interested?
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