How to Stop Anxiety about crush/ex?

So I fell in love and was obsessed with this girl and I was always so nervous around her.

I asked her out and she rejected me, I was very hurt.

After I was overthinking for a year about things, what could have been different, why she said the things she did.

This feeling of anxiety/panic disorder first started when I saw her boyfriend kiss her...

Overwhelmed with thoughts, feelings and emotions I just lose myself and have an attack.

When I see a picture of her, see her on Facebook, see a person that looks like her or even just think about her... I have this attack and it really sucks...

I need to stop it, I don't want to see a therapist is there anything I can do to stop this attack?

Ironically when I see her in person, and even talk to her... it's completely fine but if I know I will see her before hand I lose it... I get anxious, fast heart beat, I need to sit down.

Thing is I start getting overwhelmed with thoughts, feelings and emotions. So many at the same time, does she like me? why did things end up this way? she has a boyfriend :( ... A lot of things hit me all at once...
How to Stop Anxiety about crush/ex?
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