Guys:What do you think?

When you dating a girl and you go to kiss her or something and she tells you that she has never kissed anyone before.

1.)What do you first think?

2.)What's your reaction to that?


3.)Do you feel special?

OK...I'm dating this guy and I'm what you would say "innocent" in person. I know everything there is to be about sex and things like that but never have done any of it but I know nothing about kissing. We are getting very touchy feely and I know..
Eventually it will probably lead to that. But I'm scared because I have never kissed anyone because I'm kinda saving myself for my hubby but I'm kinda giving that up at this point. But idk. And when I tell him I don't want to make him think I'm weird..
for never being kissed.


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  • 1) I first think...ok...then just tell her to relax and try to kiss her again

    2) reaction would be "ok..." it depends on the girl and how the question came up.

    3) I feel very special. Everyone is special and unique!

    In all honesty, I would have to know more about the situation to answer the question. If it came out of the blue I would probably just tell her to relax and go in again.

  • Ya I would feel special if I was the first guy she had kissed. That would be a privilege


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