Can anyone give me some advice for tinder?

Since grade 10 I've been the guy that girls would hit on... or I would be told that this person likes me or this person thinks I'm cute etc. Now after I graduated I've been having some trouble finding good looking girls around my age. All my friends are at a university a couple hours away so I'm alone here, just working. Anyway I don't meet any girls so I decided to go onto tinder (cuz why not) and I'd be swiping left most times except for a few. Some of the girls seem totally my type yet I'm not getting many matches. All the girls in my life made me believe I was a good looking guy but tinder is telling me otherwise...
Are their any ways of attracting girls on tinder on your profile? Don't know what I'm doing wrong...
sorry for it being such a long read and sorry if I sound like a total tool/douchebag.
Can anyone give me some advice for tinder?
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