Snapchat but no #?

Girl added me on SC, and started talking to me. Texted me on snapchat a LOT and even initiated, continued convo, and everything (which is odd because I always feel like I need to do the work haha). We met up today, laughed, had dinner, and said she had a great time together. She showed me that I'm her #1 friend on SC, in just a couple days, and will always give me morning messages, and send me things personally throughout the day (she adds my name to the snap, or chat messages me). However when I asked for her direct number (in a sort of jokey manner), she didn't say no, but also didn't say yes. Not really an answer. After that, head back home, and she still snaps me like crazy, snap messages etc, but I feel like its weird not to give her number. Any ideas? Her wanting to get to know me more?
Snapchat but no #?
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