Girls, why do your actions seem so different from you words?


As a young highschool student i never understood women and i thought they were easy to figure out, be nice, look and dress good and treat them well and buy them stuff and you're good to go you will find true love.

but then i grew up and talked to plenty of women adn even dated some , and what do you know all that was some BS , looking and dressing good and being clean and acting in certain ways does attract women but the amout of shit they pull on you is simply ridcioulous.

1- women say i want a nice guy who treats me well and respects me and doesn't argue with me.
Reality : they want a guy who doesn't insult them but have no problem doing it and who acts dominant and has no problem showing her the line in case she tries to cross and put her back in her place.

2- if a woman seems super interested in you, flirts with you and acts a certain way she must like you.
Reality: no not really, she could just want to use you for something, wanna practice her flirting skills or simply she is leading you own and in unaware of what she is doing, but like you? no not always the case.

3- women will avoid and ignore a guy who gives them no attention and doesn't treat them like the most beuaitful in the world (assuming they've been talking for a while and there is some liking on her side ) .
Reality : No not really, if you ignore a woman who you have known for a while all it does is make her crave you more (assuming she likes you a little bit at least ), sure dont play that game for a year, but it works.

an advice i've read once somewhere is that you should look at a womans ex and act similiar to him, cause no matter how much she complains about him she did date him for a while and she still thinks about him , so what he did to her actually worked she just didn't realize it, also keep in mind some men just want sex or the satisfaction of dating certain women only and do not look for marriage.
Girls, why do your actions seem so different from you words?
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