Do I have the right to be hurt if my boyfriend forgot my mental disorder?

I struggle with a specific personality and mood disorder and I told him about this a few months ago when we've fallen deeper in love. It took a lot of me to reveal this to him. It was me trusting him and opening up to him. It really took a lot. Then today, we had a argument about him ignoring me when I said I was struggling. I literally told my boyfriend I was going through a rough patch and he said absolutely nothing about it. Apparently, according to him, he didn't think of asking me because "I didn't seem unhappy" and "I didn't tell him about it earlier".

So I asked him then what the mental disorder was that I had confessed to him I had earlier on. Of course. He can't remember. He admitted he didn't know and he has no recall of me telling him something so significant.

Now he says I'm wrong.

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So after talking to my boyfriend again, he apologized to me sincerely and we are going to turn over a new page where we are going to make a point to listen more to each other. My boyfriend is the opposite of me. He is the confident person who doesn't experience insecurity often and doesn't understand where I'm coming from, and he admitted to not trying to either. We both have our issues and we are seeing each other in person today to enjoy a wonderful day filled with love and resolution.
Do I have the right to be hurt if my boyfriend forgot my mental disorder?
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